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Welcome to the Energy Consultancy Group
Exclusive supplier Alpine Water Descaler
new generation®

No more trouble with lime (calcium) scale

         Total solutions from 199,-

         Save £ 250 - £ 500 / year

Many households and industries have trouble with with lime (calcium) scale. Hardwater causes a lot of damage and unnecessary costs:

• production disturbances
• repairs
• early exchange
• descaling salts
• detergents
• watersofteners and chemicals
• high energy- and waterbills

Fitting an Alpine Water Descaler new generation®  prevents you from having these problems and old lime (calcium) scale will be removed. Recommended by many satisfied users and leading trademagazines worldwide. You wil save approx. £ 250 - £ 500 / year on your household budget: year after year....

            Superb for EveryBody

  Before fitting and after fitting the Alpine Water Descaler
new generation®

No risk: 4 month trial
is possible

(not satisfied=full refund)*
*ask us for the conditions

• professional support desk
• maintenance free
• easy to fit (D.I.Y.)


• uses no energy (electric)
• no pipe cutting
• supurb technical guarantee
• one off purchase
• module is transferrable
• 100% environmental friendly

Mail direct for a freerisk trial!!


Worldwide millions
of satisfied users
of the Alpine Water Descaler
new generation®

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